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South Carolina Truck Accident Victims Deserve Strong Legal Representation

South Carolina has six Interstates and over a dozen rural routes criss-crossing it, all of which are the site of major truck wrecks that cause devastating injuries and cost lives.  When fully loaded with cargo, a 53 foot-long commercial semi-truck—also called a big rig or tractor trailer—can weigh up to 80,000 lbs. It’s no wonder that semi-truck drivers sometimes lose control of their rig, swerving recklessly, jackknifing, sometimes rolling on their sides and causing highway pile-ups. The result can be catastrophic semi-truck accident injuries, including traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, broken bones, even paralysis.

A South Carolina Big Rig Crash Can Involve Complicated Trucker Insurance

If you were hit by a fatigued trucker driving recklessly on I-20, I-77 or I-95 or a drunk truck driver speeding along Highway 1 or Route 378, you will have to prove it to trucking company liability insurance adjusters and truck company lawyers. They can be very intimidating and will try to get you to agree to a “low-ball” settlement, even if it’s clearly the trucker’s fault. Truck accident lawsuits are no big deal to them, because it is so common for tired truckers to fall asleep at the wheel and cause a tractor trailer accident.  Whether you’re injured in an 18-wheeler crash during downtown rush-hour, on Route 501 late at night or in a golf course parking lot, the odds are not in your favor to get proper compensation by dealing with the trucker company directly.

Call Matthews & Megna—Relentless South Carolina Personal Injury Attorneys

At the South Carolina Law Offices of Matthews & Megna, we know semi-truck accident injuries can be ongoing and difficult, as is the legal hassle of dealing with trucking company lawyers. We can help you handle everything from medical treatment to car repairs to the stack of paperwork involved in commercial truck accidents. If you or a loved one was injured in a truck wreck, or if you lost a loved one in a truck accident fatality, contact us right away at (877)253-7705 for a free initial consultation or fill out our online contact form. We know you’re hurting and we can help. Every discussion is confidential and we serve the entire Florence, Darlington, Columbia, Midlands and Pee Dee, SC area.