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Golf Cart Accident and Moped Crash Injuries Can Be Deadly in South Carolina

Cheaply priced. Great mileage. Convenient. Easy to drive. Low maintenance. Legal on many roads. These are just some of the reasons golf carts and mopeds have become a regular part of South Carolina traffic. With dozens of stunning Columbia, Darlington and Florence golf courses, country clubs and golfing communities, it is no surprise that golf carts have become something of the new family car in our region. Add to that the high price of gas and it's no wonder that street legal golf carts, as well as Neighborhood Electric Vehicles or NEVs, have become such a popular form of personal transportation. Mopeds, or scooters, are equally prevalent and though they've been around for decades, they've become trendier in the recent tough economy.

Because these lightweight, economical vehicles can be driven on secondary roads in South Carolina, residents regularly drive mopeds and golf carts instead of a car to get to work, school, church and to do errands. But the risk of injury is huge, particularly in light of all the distracted driver and DUI accidents that take place. Even though golf carts and mopeds are legal, many car, truck and motorcycle drivers treat golf cart and moped drivers not only disrespectfully, but dangerously as well, driving them off the road, passing them impatiently or not even seeing them and causing a potentially deadly golf cart or moped collision.

We're Experienced Golf Cart Accident Lawyers and Golfers Too, So We Can Help

As long-time golfers ourselves, we understand your frustration about golf cart laws and safety issues. If you suffered golf cart injuries or moped injuries, call the experienced personal injury lawyers at the South Carolina law offices of Benjamin R. Matthews and Associates, LLC at (803) 799-1700. We can help fight for your rights, pursuing the car insurance of the DUI driver who hit you, the negligent golf cart manufacturer or the property owner where you were hurt. We help South Carolina golf cart and moped accident victims in the Midlands, which includes the Columbia area, and the Pee Dee region, including Darlington, as well as the Florence area.

What many folks who zip around the South Carolina region don't realize is that these fun, seemingly practical vehicles can be extremely dangerous if involved in an accident. With golf carts now being used in retirement communities, on school campuses, and by families who let their children drive them around suburban neighborhoods, more and more we are hearing about folks hurt in different types of golf cart accidents and kids severely injured in golf carts too.

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