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Our goal at Benjamin R. Matthews & Associates is to help our clients start moving forward again. We’re proud of the work we’ve done because we know every case we handle makes a real difference in someone’s life.

Read our clients’ stories about how we were able to help them, in their own words. If you need assistance with a bankruptcy or estate planning matter, contact us today.

“I have been around attorneys all my life, and he is one of the most caring, thoughtful individuals in my career that I have met that actually cares about the person in the family behind the person, and that goes a long way in life-changing decisions, and I will always trust him not only with my family, but with my life decisions as well he is a very good man.” — Anonymous

“We are very pleased that you were available when we called. The service we've received has been very exceptional. Everyone has been very helpful and a pleasure to deal with.” — MC

“Five-star experience so far. The firm has been very patient with me, and Mr. Matthews has been there every step of the way to explain everything so that I could understand the process.”
— AS

“Very pleased with Mr. Ben Matthews and the staff … with my case, and the fact he also helped
with getting me some help with gas money to get back home. I misplaced my debit card and didn’t have any cash on me, I will never do that again. … I was lucky to have a good man to help me out and refused to let me send the money back. Thank you, Mr. Ben Matthews.” — HJ

“Very nice folks. Very helpful.” — AC

“Very thorough professional good follow through.” — TS

“We think Matthews and Associates is the best place you can find the help you need. Mr. Matthews is kind, caring, and understanding. He doesn't judge you cause you need to file a case.” — AP

"I have been working with Benjamin R. Matthews and Associates, LLC Since December of Last year (2021). I ended up finding myself needing to file for bankruptcy. I've worked all my life, put kids through college, and always had a great credit score. I contacted several companies before deciding to move forward with Benjamin R. Matthews and Associates, LLC. His team is very knowledgeable and patient when it comes to their clients.

They will assign you a case manager to assist you, and in my case, that young lady is Krystle Taylor. She has been my rock through this process, and I feel as if I have gained a friend. She is always a phone call or email away when I'm stressing about issues related to this small setback in my life. Then there is Mr. Matthews. I cannot say enough about him and how he was always available to help when issues arise. I could go on about their services, but if you’re having any legal issues, please call Benjamin R. Matthews and Associates, LLC. Best in the business!" — Anonymous

“Once they started my case, it was less than a week before my creditors stopped with the harassing calls and emails. Everything after that went fairly smooth. I’m very satisfied with the experience.” — MR

“Professionalism at its finest! Mr. Mathews explained every step of the process very clearly and honestly. A firm to recommend.” — LD

“I couldn't ask for a better lawyer, and the paralegals are wonderful. If you want a lawyer that's good and cares about their clients, I strongly recommend Benjamin Matthews and Associates.” — SS

“Best law firm in South Carolina to handle your bankruptcy!”
— NA

“The firm handled our needs very well and all was said in done in the time frame stated. Thank you!” — SJ

“This law firm is amazing. All of the employees are very professional.” — PW

“Prompt return on call. Friendly. Gave me hope in desperate times. Thank you.” — LB

“Mr.  Matthews was a very experienced lawyer and professional. He always walked me through the process.” — YG

“These people are amazing.... they helped me out quickly in my time of need...staff is awesome and understanding.  If you are looking for help, look no further. These are the people you want in your corner...I promise!” — S

“I was never called out to feel bad, they really seem to understand that sometimes things just get out of hand no matter how hard you try to keep it from happening. They helped me with the hard questions and did their best to help me understand. I appreciate the help they gave and timely callbacks. Thank you!” — J and L S

“The whole staff was professional and helpful! They gave me great advice, as well as making sure I made the best decision for my situation. Thank you, Matthews and Associates!” — JMO

“It has been an easy process. Everything is like what was told to me. Thank you for making me feel good about myself instead of a failure because of getting into this spiraling downfall.” — NM

“You and your staff have been so kind and knowledgeable about the whole process. Thank you from the bottom of this old lady's heart for guiding me through one of the worst times of my life.”
— MF

“Didn't know what to expect moving forward in the process, but the staff made the experience as comfortable as possible. They will answer any questions you may have concerning your case in a reasonable time frame. Kudos.” — DK

“I found this experience very good for me. I was in a bad situation, and they pulled me through it in a very pleasing manner. The legwork I had to do was very easy with the tools they give you. I'm very grateful for the help at a relatively minimal cost.” — CH

“Mr. Matthews was very knowledgeable about what I needed, and his staff was very courteous in helping me with things to be sent over. I was recommended by someone I knew who had used him and he was very helpful. The scheduling for the hearing was soon and though I was a nervous wreck during the whole process I look back at it now and say Wow. Great job to the staff and team here.” — DP

“Attorney Matthews and his staff are very professional and personable. The process was explained thoroughly, and all questions were answered completely. I would definitely recommend Benjamin R. Matthews & Associates to anyone needing bankruptcy services.” — LF

“My wife and I certainly didn't want to go through the process of bankruptcy but, as we all know things happen in life. Fortunately for us, we found Matthews’ attorneys to be very helpful and professional. It's a very emotional time for us, but we felt very comfortable with the process and the continued advice which made it more manageable and less stressful.” — DS

“Great lawyer and nice people to help you. Thank you for helping me.” — CMP

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