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You worked hard to get to where you are in life but circumstances beyond your control threaten to bring it all down. Suddenly, you could be at risk of losing your house, your business and all the other things you work for every day.

You may be struggling financially with no end in sight. Unpaid bills can add up fast. Creditors and collection agencies might be calling and harassing you all the time. You may feel trapped, like there's no way out. A bankruptcy lawyer can help.

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Don't give up. You're not alone. Bankruptcy attorney Ben Matthews has been fighting for the rights of people in South Carolina for more than 30 years. We would be honored to represent you in your bankruptcy or estate planning matter.

Take control of your circumstances. Talk to Benjamin R. Matthews and Associates, LLC today. Call for a free, confidential consultation at our offices in Columbia or Rock Hill. We're here to help.

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    Challenges People Face

    Dealing with bankruptcy can be one of the most challenging problems people face in their lives. These issues include:


    Lawsuits being filed against you


    Dealing with aggressive bill collectors


    Bank threatening to foreclose on your home


    Tax collector aggressively pursuing unpaid taxes


    Bill collectors threatening to repossess your car


    Understanding complex bankruptcy laws

    Don't underestimate the complexity of your case. Make sure you get the help you need now to get your life back on track. Schedule a free case evaluation today with our law firm.

    Estate Planning

    Planning for the future can be challenging. That's especially true when it comes to your family's financial future. An effective estate planning attorney can guide you through all the benefits and challenges of different approaches to preserving your financial legacy. Often, the goal is to minimize taxes, court costs and various legal fees, especially after your death.

    Putting Your Mind At Ease

    Estate planning is about more than just money. It's about making sure your loved ones are well cared for if something happens to you. Our South Carolina estate planning lawyers can walk you through all the options available to you, then help you decide which one works best for your specific situation.

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    There's no room for error when it comes to bankruptcy or other financial matters. That's why it's critical that you have an experienced bankruptcy attorney on your side, standing up for your rights. That's why you need Benjamin R. Matthews and Associates, LLC.

    Our lawyers can help you understand all your legal options, whether it's getting a financial reset through bankruptcy, planning for your family's financial future or another important legal matter. We're here for you when you need us most.

    If you choose to hire us, we will keep you informed throughout your case. We will return your phone calls. We will answer your questions. We know how important the outcome of your case can be for you and your family. Talk to Benjamin R. Matthews and Associates, LLC today. Call for a free, confidential consultation with a bankruptcy attorney at our offices in Columbia or Rock Hill.

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    Call Now 803-799-1700
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