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Golf Cart Accidents Are Typically Far More Severe Than Car Crashes

Besides providing legal representation to golf cart accident victims, we're golfers too. So we understand why golf carts and other electric vehicles may appear harmless, particularly because they are quieter and slower than cars, and due to their association with the peace and tranquility of golf courses. But even the picturesque golf links of Florence, Columbia and Darlington, South Carolina and nearby public roads can be deadly for golf cart drivers and passengers. The risk of golf carts is complex, having to do with a lack of safety features, other drivers on the road avoiding running into golf carts and South Carolina golf cart laws. If you are a golf cart accident injury victim-whether you were driving a golf cart, a passenger, a pedestrian hit by a golf cart or in car involved in a golf cart collision-we can help explain golf cart laws and golf cart insurance issues and pursue the compensation you deserve. Call Benjamin R. Matthews and Associates, LLC today toll-free at (803) 799-1700. We help South Carolina golf cart injury victims in the Midlands, which includes the Columbia area, and the Pee Dee region, including Darlington, as well as the Florence area.

With No Seatbelts, Airbags, Car Body or Rollover Bar, Golf Carts Can Be Deadly

Most golf carts-along with Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEVs) or "low-speed vehicles"-offer very little protection to passengers. Though they are legally allowed on secondary roads up to 35 miles per hour, golf carts don't have airbags and even if golf carts have seatbelts, many golfers don't wear seat belts. Golf carts also don't have a typical car body, car roof, or the rollover protection structure (ROP) with which many open-top utility vehicles are equipped. So while cars, trucks and motorcycles can travel at faster speeds and on more hazardous roads, they have mandatory safety features and laws that help keep those passengers safer. And even though car, truck and motorcycle drivers are supposed to follow golf cart laws and make room for golf carts on secondary roads, many do not. Golf carts are no match for full-size vehicles and golf cart occupants are therefore very vulnerable when it comes to accidents. Put simply, the type of accident that might cause a minor whiplash in a car, could be a traumatic brain injury for a moped rider or golf cart driver.

Call an Experienced Golf Cart Accident Lawyer Who Can Fight For Your Rights

Though some of bigger "street legal golf carts", which can carry 6 to 8 passengers, may have headlights, windshields, parking brakes and even seat belts, golf cart crashes, such as golf cart rollovers, head-ons, even abrupt stops can result in catastrophic golf cart injuries. With so many golf carts being used as secondary family cars these days, that means kids injured in golf carts have become common as well.

At Benjamin R. Matthews and Associates, LLC, we can help you and your family recover from any golf cart injuries you may have suffered. Call us toll-free at (803) 799-1700 or contact us online today for a free initial consultation. Every discussion is confidential and there is no obligation.

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