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South Carolina Golf Cart Crash Fatalities and Injuries Often Due to Being Ejected

Research has shown that over 1,000 golf cart injuries take place every month in this country, and the dozens of popular country clubs and golf courses in the Midlands, the Pee Dee and Florence region see plenty of golf cart crashes as well. One study conducted at a Southern university found that the highest injury rates were found in 10- to 19-year-old boys and men older than 80, which is probably because so many parents let kids drive golf carts and the prevalence of golf carts in retirement communities. Most golf cart accidents involve passengers being ejected from golf carts and landing on roads, making bone fractures and massive head trauma the most common golf cart injuries. With so many distracted drivers, golf cart passengers are in more danger on the road than ever, these days.

As golfers and experienced personal injury attorneys, we can help you and your family recover from any golf cart injuries you may have suffered. And if you lost a loved one in a golf cart wrongful death, we can help your golf cart case in numerous ways, including taking on insurance companies in order to fight for your justice. Call us toll-free at (803) 799-1700 today.

Golf Cart Rollover Victims Suffer Everything From Broken Bones to Brain Trauma

Golf cart laws don't require that golf carts have air bags, a hard roof, side-panels or doors to keep occupants from being flung out if a golf cart hits a tree or other obstacle. And while some golf cart have seatbelts, most don't or are rarely used and some may be defective golf cart seatbelts. Golf cart accident injuries are typically extremely serious and can include:

  • severe cuts and bruises
  • fractured pelvis
  • broken shoulder
  • intracranial injuries
  • concussions
  • brain hemorrhage
  • sprained neck
  • spinal cord injuries
  • broken collar bone
  • broken arms and legs

Call a Golf Cart Attorney Who Understands Golf Cart Insurance and Laws

Golf cart instability is the main reason they roll over and tip over so easily. Golf carts are lightweight, open-sided, have a narrow wheel-base and are not designed to handle sharp turns, so when a speeding golf cart is out of control, it most often either falls on its side and skids along the road or tumbles over, even when there is no slope. We at Benjamin R. Matthews and Associates, LLC know what you're going through. Call us toll-free at (803) 799-1700 or contact us online today for a free initial consultation. Every discussion is confidential and we serve the entire Florence, Darlington, Columbia, Midlands and Pee Dee, SC area.

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