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Golf Cart Accidents Often Involve Passenger Ejection in Rollovers and Tipovers

Golf carts are very affordable, averaging $7,000, and at only about a penny per mile in gas, are far less costly to run than a regular car. But in golfing communities such as Florence, Columbia and Darlington-as well as college campuses, retirement communities, vacation resorts, campgrounds, and gated housing developments throughout South Carolina-golf cart accident tragedies are becoming common headlines. Many car, truck and motorcycle drivers ignore golf carts on the road, racing past or swerving around them, thinking they have no right to be on the road-but according to South Carolina golf cart laws, they can legally be driven on secondary roads. Because children as young as 16 can legally drive golf carts and Neighborhood Electric Vehicles, or NEV's, many golf cart injury victims are kids. And since country club golfers often meet up at the clubhouse for drinks after a few rounds of golf, alcohol can play a part in golf cart accidents as well. If you or a loved one has been in a golf cart accident, call Benjamin R. Matthews and Associates, LLC today toll-free at (803) 799-1700. We can help fight for the compensation you deserve, even if it means pursuing your car insurance company or a property owner's premises liability coverage.

Golf Cart Crash Fatalities and Injuries Need a Diligent Personal Injury Attorney

Here are just a few of the types of golf cart accidents that have taken place in recent years:

  • An 11-year old South Carolina boy died when the golf cart he was driving ran off the road, flipped and the golf cart's canopy support landed on his neck, causing fatal traumatic asphyxiation.
  • A 15-year old golf course employee died when his utility golf cart lost control going downhill and hit an obstacle, throwing him across a stream where he landed on his head and died instantly
  • A 16-year old golfing community resident died after his golf cart blew a tire and hit a building head-on
  • A 28-year old woman died when her out-of-control golf cart made a sharp turn, ejecting her into the road and causing a massive fatal traumatic golf cart head injury
  • Several teenage golf cart passengers suffered head injuries when their speeding golf cart tipped over
  • A Ryder Cup golf pro was in a golf cart that went out of control on a steep, muddy slope near the 17th green, slid sideways and did a 360-spin so he had to jump out of the golf cart before it rolled over
  • Two men going down a public road accelerated their golf cart up to 55 mph, the golf cart did a 'wheelie', tipped over and they became airborne and landed on the road in on-coming traffic
  • Three men racing recklessly across a golf course caused a multi-golf cart pile-up in a sand trap
  • A young boy was flung out of his open-sided golf cart when it tipped onto its side at a high speed
  • A drunk golfer drove his golf cart into a lake and nearly drowned trying to get out

A Golf Cart Accident Lawyer Can Pursue the Compensation You Deserve

Like you, we're golfers, so we can imagine how tough it must be if you were hurt in a golf cart rollover or a speeding, out of control golf cart crash or you lost a loved one in a golf cart wrongful death collision.  Call the South Carolina law offices of Benjamin R. Matthews and Associates, LLC at (803) 799-1700 or contact us online today for a free initial consultation. Every discussion is confidential and we serve the entire Florence, Darlington, Columbia, Midlands and Pee Dee, SC area.

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