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An Experienced Workers Comp Lawyer Can Help Ensure a Better Settlement

In every legal case, there are many variables that impact what type of settlement will be awarded by the courts. This is especially true for Workers Compensation cases. During the Workers Comp process, everything depends on how carefully your case is handled: how accurately your application is filled out, how well you document your work situation and how specifically you describe your workplace injuries. Simply proving you sustained an injury in order to get a fair settlement means dealing with your boss, dealing with insurance adjusters and dealing with doctors. Part of what we can do for our clients at Benjamin R. Matthews and Associates, LLC is help convince all parties involved that you are truly in pain.

Don't Accept an Insurance Adjuster's Low-Ball Offer-Call Us!

Work Comp settlement dollar-amounts depend on various factors:

  • the nature of your work injury
  • the doctors' prognosis and treatment plan
  • your expected recovery period
  • if you'll need physical, emotional or occupational therapy
  • if you can't return to work for a while
  • if you will be temporarily disabled
  • if you are permanently disabled
  • how it impacts your personal life
  • how well your lawyer represents you during the process

The last factor may have more bearing on your settlement amount than any other. Your lawyer's knowledge and diligence could greatly influence how much money you receive for your workplace injury. If your attorney doesn't aggressively pursue a fair settlement or advises you to take the first "low-ball" offer the insurance company makes, you could be short-changed.

The first offer insurance companies make is typically far below the amount they're willing to pay. Many insurance companies are willing to negotiate. And most of them want to avoid going to trial. When you hire relentless, seasoned work injury attorneys like us, you could receive significantly more money, perhaps even millions of dollars.

We bring over 30 years of experience to the table. Call Benjamin R. Matthews and Associates, LLC today at (803) 799-1700 or contact us online for a evaluation.

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