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One of the most popular forms of bankruptcy in South Carolina is Chapter 13 bankruptcy. That’s because this form of bankruptcy often allows consumers who qualify to pay of their debts on their terms. Best of all, Chapter 13 bankruptcy often allows consumers to keep their home and their car.

Before you decide to declare Chapter 13 bankruptcy, it’s important that you fully understand all the rules and regulations related to this form of bankruptcy. That’s why we strongly encourage you to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyers at Benjamin R. Matthews and Associates, LLC.

Our attorneys have more than two decades of legal experience representing people in Florence and throughout the Pee Dee region. We thoroughly understand the requirements and restrictions when it comes to Chapter 13 bankruptcy. We have extensive experience dealing with South Carolina’s bankruptcy courts. You can count on our legal team when it matters most.

What is Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

Sometimes referred to as “wage earner” bankruptcy or reorganization bankruptcy, Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows people who qualify more time to pay off outstanding debts. In general, successful Chapter 13 bankruptcy applicants have three to five years pay off their debts, sometimes at a lower interest rate.

Other benefits to declaring Chapter 13 bankruptcy in South Carolina often include:

  • Resolving outstanding tax problems
  • Stopping lawsuits filed by creditors

Each Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing is different. That’s why it’s critical that you consult with Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer who can evaluate the legal and financial issues facing you and advise you on whether Chapter 13 bankruptcy is the right approach for you.

How can a Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer help me?

Having an experienced South Carolina Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney working with you while filing for bankruptcy can often be very beneficial. Our lawyers can:

  • Gather financial data that demonstrates that you have a reliable income, which is often a requirement when filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy
  • Help you fill out your Chapter 13 bankruptcy application
  • Represent you in bankruptcy court in South Carolina
  • Appeal your case, if necessary, if your Chapter 13 bankruptcy application is denied

Learn more about the rules and regulations involving Chapter 13 bankruptcy and whether it’s right type of bankruptcy for you. Contact us and schedule a free initial consultation with our law firm today. Our experienced bankruptcy attorneys know the law and want to help you make a fresh financial start in Florence.

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