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A living will can be an important tool for making sure your wishes and instructions are clearly carried out if you can no longer do so due to a serious illness or accident which leaves you unable to clearly state your wishes, as defined in estate law.

That's why many people choose to create a living will in addition to their last will and testament. This way, you can have control now over what happens to you in the future. This is especially important if at some point you are in a coma, for example, or cannot communicate with loved ones.

Estate law is very clear on what powers you can grant loved ones or a trusted friend in a living will. We can explain what you can and cannot do in a living will when you meet with a South Carolina estate planning attorney at Benjamin R. Matthews and Associates, LLC.

What is a living will?

As the name suggests, a living will concerns a person's wishes while they are still alive but cannot legally make important decisions about their health and well-being. A living will often contains specific instructions concerning:

  • Who you designate as your power of attorney.
  • Your wishes in case you cannot express them due to a medical condition.
  • Instructions regarding lifesaving medical care.
  • Directives regarding end-of-life care.

A living will can help you accomplish many goals throughout your lifetime. That's why this document can be an essential tool in your estate plan. That's why we want to meet with you.

How we can help you

For a living will to be effective, this legally binding document must be carefully crafted so there are no legal challenges when it matters most. Our attorneys thoroughly understand South Carolina's legal system, particularly when it comes to estate planning.

As your lawyer, we can work with you to create a living will that addresses your specific needs. We can also be there for you and your family when your instructions need to be followed in your living will.

Find out how we can help you. Contact our law firm and schedule an appointment today. We want to help you create a living will that meets your unique needs.

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