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Planning for the future can be challenging. And that's especially true when it comes to estate planning. That's because the stakes are so high. Often, you're talking about deciding how you want to distribute your most treasured possessions after your death.

But estate planning can be much more than just creating a last will and testament. When done effectively, estate planning will outline your wishes if you can longer make decisions during your lifetime due to medical reasons. Estate planning can also help minimize the tax burden on your heirs for future generations.

With all these issues in mind, it's important that you speak with an attorney familiar with estate law in your state. In South Carolina, residents rely on Benjamin R. Matthews and Associates, LLC's extensive knowledge to help them carefully craft an estate plan that addresses all their legal needs.

Common legal issues

Estate planning can cover many different legal issues. Some of the most common issues we work with people to address in their estate plan include:

  • Creating a last will and testament.
  • Creating a living will.
  • Outlining your wishes for your funeral.
  • Designating an executor for your will.
  • Designating who has power of attorney.
  • Naming a guardian if you somehow become incapacitated before your death.
  • Designating who will receive your possessions after your death.

Many other issues involve estate planning. And each one of them needs to be clearly spelled out in a legally binding document so your will or another document is not legally challenged in the future for any reason.

Your future matters here

That's where we can help you. We know South Carolina's estate laws inside and out. We know what challenges can often arise and how to address them. That's why people throughout the state rely on us to help them create a comprehensive estate plan.

Find out how our knowledgeable legal team can help you. Contact us and schedule an appointment today. We want to learn all about the legal issues facing your family. That way, we can offer our advice on the best way to address your specific concerns.

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